Hinchcliffe Coat of Arms, Family Crest and Hinchcliffe Family History

If you are conducting some Hinchcliffe family history research then you can view the Hinchcliffe coat of arms and the name meaning and origin of the name as well as the meaning of symbols below. This is a great place to start when tracing your genealogy and Hinchcliffe surname history and will help you answer the question 'what is the meaning of my name?'


Hinchcliffe Coat of Arms, Family Crest - Click here to view

Meaning of Symbols & Colors on the Hinchcliffe Coat of Arms

Or/Yellow/Gold Represents Generosity.
Vert/Green Signifies Hope, Joy and sometimes, Loyalty in Love
Fleur de Lis Representing Purity and Light. Is also the floral symbol of France
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