O'Bryant Coat of Arms, Family Crest and O'Bryant Family History

O'Bryant Family History

The name O'Bryant in Ireland is sometimes used as a form of O'Brien, taken from the native Gaelic O'Briain Sept, that of King Brian Boru. The Norman name Bryan is also changed in this fashion. This family settled in County Kilkenny where the name can still today be found.

A Sept is an ancient Clan-like collective describing a group of persons whose immediate ancestors bore a common surname and inhabited the same territory.

Meaning of Symbols & Colors on the O'Bryant Coat of Arms

Azure/Blue Represents Loyalty and Truth.
Gules/Red 'The Martyr's colour', signifies Military Fortitude and Magnanimity.
Or/Yellow/Gold Represents Generosity.
Cinquefoils Signifies Hope and Joy
Crosses Often representing Faith or Christian beliefs, possibly relating to the Crusades
Fusil Denotes Travel and Labour

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